Taking a Deeper Dive Into the Different Load Types

There are three main types of tendon loads that can apply to various parts of the body, but below, I will focus on lower extremity tendons such as the achilles, patella tendon (which is different than quad tendon!) and the hamstring tendon:

Tensile Load: This load represents the storage and release of energy by the tendon in a spring-like fashion. Jumping is a good example of tensile loading in the patellar tendon. Overloading this tendon is very common as players ramp up for pre-season or within the younger male athletic population.

Compressive Load: Compressive loading represents vertical forces applied by a bone on the tendon. Achilles tendon contraction from a fully dorsiflexed ankle position is a good example of compressive loading, as the calcaneal tuberosity applies a compression-like load on the achilles tendon. Overloading this tendon is often seen when training programs overload powerful movements from a dorsiflexed ankle, such as overdoing acceleration drills. We also see compressive loading with an increase in uphill running.

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